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Forbesonly is an informative blog site where the readers are bound to find a lot of updated facts and trending news on a variety of topics. The priority of our blog site is user satisfaction and security of their privacy. Which is why, Forbesonly has carefully crafted its Privacy Policy by keeping in mind the privacy and security of our readers. 

The details of the Forbesonly Privacy Policy are stated below and all the relevant details such as our data collection methods, strategies and uses can be found on the page. 

Privacy Policy of Forbesonly 

The privacy policy of our blog site states that any user who interacts with our platform, engages on the website through any page, subscribes to our monthly newsletter or email services, then they automatically give their consent and agree to the terms and condition of the Privacy Policy of Forbesonly.

At Forbesonly, security of the data and identity of our users are very important to us. Thus, we have created a Privacy policy which does not hide any facts and reveal all the methods data is collected and used on our platform.

The point here to be noted is that all the activities of the users on the Forbesonly website will come under the privacy policy of the website. Any user or visitor having any doubts about the data privacy and does not want the website to collect any data, can immediately discontinue use of the website.

Data Collected By the Website

All the data that is collected by our website is voluntary. The users may or may not agree to provide it. When a user subscribes to the newsletter of the website they are asked to fill in some basic details about them such as name, email address, password and username. This is completely voluntary and you can provide the information only if you are interested in sharing it.

Apart from the collection of data that is voluntarily shared by the users, the system of the website also collects different softwares and third-party websites. These collected data may include the IP address of the user, geolocation, online IDs and digital signatures.

However, it should be kept in mind that the collected data and information is not shared by the website to any platform and is not used for any online frauds.

What is the Collected Data Used For?

Our Privacy policy clearly states out the usage of the collected data, so that the users may regard this and give their consent to the website with peace of mind. Below are the ways the data is used by our system.

  • It helps us present our users with the correct goods and services.  
  • To make our quality of the services as approachable as possible.
  • To comprehend and analyze correctly about areas requiring more improvements and upgrades.  
  • Help us offer relevant advertisements to our users that might interest them. 
  • It ensures a user-friendly and comfortable experience on the platform of the website.  
  • To witness and monitor any sort of fraudulent acts that may occur.  
  • Help us sort through email preferences.
  • It lets us create a personalized atmosphere for the users. 


Like any other website on the internet, Forbesonly also uses cookies to create a personalized user experience. Using cookies the website is able to present the users with their preferred contents and advertisements.

Third-Party Websites

Forbesonly is connected with various third-party websites and advertisers. Users will get personalized preferences from these websites on the platform of Forbesonly. However, interacting with such websites is entirely up to the users.

One thing that should be noted is that whenever a user interacts with third-party websites, the privacy policy of that particular website will be applicable.

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Last Updated: 17th October, 2022